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Minotauro, 2010 ↑ Agnese Ricchi, Minotauro, 2010 – 150×180 cm – collage of children’s tempera paintings

Guerre Stellari, 2004  ↑ Agnese Ricchi, Guerre Stellari, 2004 – 200×200 cm – collage of children’s tempera paintings



Born in Rome where she lives and works.
Agnese Ricchi has been a pupil of Enzo Brunori at the Accademy of Fine Arts of Rome. Assiduous observer of the avant-garde scene, she started her own way in the theatrical research. She graduated from the Silvio D’Amico National Accademy of Dramatic Art. After a series of experiences in the avant-garde theater, she returned to painting, arranging collages on canvas made by children’s drawings. After realizing workshops with the children, her speech consists in structuring the elements on the surface.”An original and independent artist, she has always based her work on her relationship with child drawings coming from the Italian schools as well as from remote countries, many of which are still at wars. In each of these cases the artist is asking her little friends to express themselves or she just observes them working on specific subjects, often difficult ones, like fear, death, war, but also lighter ones such us playing, tradition, daily life.
In order to do this, Ricchi sometimes organizes laboratories, cooperating with teachers, at times she travels and, with the support from cultural mediators, she reaches cities or villages in remote countries to work with children; in other occasions she receives the drawings as a gift….Paintings, which can recall expressionism in a representation that is as new-savage as graffiti, are, infact, giving life to a coherent whole, full of visual and cultural references.It’s also interesting to notice that some forms and figures are not too far from certain “African” representations by Picasso, from the air-like games of Mirò or the stylizations by Penk, from keith Haring’s effigies and Basquiat’s tribalism and the tracks/traces by Richard Hambleton to Paolo Buggiani’s invasive primitivism, from the Ken Hiratsuka-like doodles and the street art peculiar attitude, which, notoriously Creole, mixes on purpose Africa, Asia, children’s dreaming, signals and primordial acts”. (Barbara Martusciello)

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Electronic Art Cafè, Camponeschi, Roma
9 febbraio 2012
Galleria Opera Unica e Studio Abate, Roma
dal 22 gennaio 2010 al 13 marzo 2010

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Il Minotauro e altre narrazioni
aprile 2012
Intervista di Donato Di Pelino
art a part of cult(ure) remove background noise




Makak 1, 2008  
↑ Agnese Ricchi, Makak 1, 2008 – 130×360 cm – collage of children’s tempera paintings

La paura mangia l'anima, 2013  
↑ Agnese Ricchi, La paura mangia l’anima, 2013 – 150×120 cm – collage of children’s mixed media paintings